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Checkout Results from
Our Beta Members

Robert Burke

Mailermatic is a welcome addition and alternative to the list of email marketing service providers out there. Another great product release from Cindy Donovan and Wildfire Concepts. What makes using Mailermatic assuring is they have a proactive and responsive customer service team behind them, which is hard to come by these days.

Evan Stafford

I’m so excited to see the Wildfire Concepts team releasing this!  I love how their products are perfectly created for people like me who sometimes struggle technically.  It’s great they have simple ways to get started but offer more advanced options for the experts, so I have something to look forward to. 

Zhu S.

I can’t believe they’re giving an SMTP already built in!  That alone will save me thousands of dollars this year alone.

Robin Cottrell

Mailermatic offers so much more than just a simple email marketing service. It offers timely solutions that help me to grow my list, and my business. I grabbed the upgrade without hesitation because I’ve seen the benefits of email and can’t wait to use this with no limits. It is truly worth the investment.

Reg Ervin

Ian Wallace Harper

Unlimited Subscribers & Unlimited Sending
From This Trusted Email Platform

MAKES EVERY EMAIL YOU SEND MORE PROFITABLE With More Opens, More Clicks To Your Affiliate Offers, Product Pages & Stores

Are you sick of the high and mighty, overpriced autoresponders rejecting you, having poor delivery, then blaming YOU for bad open rates or deleting your account for a ‘breach of TOS’, without actually telling you what you did wrong…?  It’s time this stops.

You SHOULD be able to simply upload your subscribers, send your email and reap the rewards the

big list owners experience, like big commission payouts and high leaderboard rankings.

Today you can access the limitless potential of a no-holds-barred lead & sales software tool in just three easy steps


Login to your cloud based members area, from any device. No installation needed.


Name your list & upload your subscribers. No double optin required, inbuilt SMTP already warmed up


Use templates, or drag and drop to create your own. Click send and reap the rewards!

Rinse & Repeat As Many Times As You Like!

Welcome To

FINALLY: “An Autoresponder Actually That Delivers!”

Responsive Email Marketing Cloud Hosted Software For An
Astonishing 90%+ Open Rates Even To Cold Traffic

Cloudbased, nothing to install. Login and get started right away.

Unlimited subscriber imports, lists, broadcasts & automations

No double optin required

Free unique SMTP set up, warmed up & ready for you to use

Unlimited integrations, use our SMTP or connect your own

Professional drag and drop templates

Inbuilt spam trap technology for unrivalled deliverability

Unlimited profiles, add new user profile, domain, email for unlimited lists


Deliver emails to the primary inbox of thousands of people at the click of a button

No Monthly Fees | No Limitations

InBuilt SMTP, “Alpha-Mesh” Automation & Spam Safe Technology

Launch Only: Unlimited Email/Branding Identities & 25 100 Email Templates

With Mailermatic You’ll Be Able To:

Send an unlimited amount of email broadcasts to an unlimited number of subscribers without any monthly or hidden ‘overuse’ charges. 

Have your emails delivered straight to your subscribers inbox thanks to our inbuilt spam trap avoidance technology.

Make full use of your personal Mailermatic SMTP service, preconfigured, set up and ready to use, making delivery a breeze.

Send full broadcasts to your lists, use our smart-send feature to track when you’re most likely to get more clicks and sales.

Set up simple automations to welcome a new subscriber, or advanced sequences celebrating birthdays or segmenting your lists for more targeted audiences.

This does everything your current autoresponder is supposed to do (but rarely does) minus the

monthly subscription fees, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get

Inside Mailermatic

Your Mailermatic account comes packed with the most cutting edge features you can take full advantage of moments after you login.  

You’ll get everything you need to start seeing results fast, with no technical skills required, no hosting, SMTP or tricky setup needed and no sneaky hidden costs.

Everything you need is right here.

In just minutes from now you can have:  

Cloud Based Members Dashboard

Limitless Lists & Subscribers

Powerful SMTP Integrations

Brandable Embed Forms

Engaging Email Content

Drag & Drop Email

Flexible Automations

Powerful Dev API Access

SPAM Protect Technology

Unlimited Customization

Full Branding Options Activated

In Depth Advanced

Mailermatic Is Everything You Need In An Email Marketing Platform

Website | Clients Who NEED Your Service | DFY Tools | Traffic

All Features - No Monthly Fees!

From: The Desk of Mailermatic Creator, Cindy Donovan

To: Everyone Involved In Online Business

Re: The Unspoken Truth About The Current Email Marketing Solutions Online

Hi “Hungry for a RELIABLE and PROVEN path“ Marketer,

In a world full of fake news, fake brands, fake boobs, fake currency, fake online traffic, fake marketers offering fake-assed ‘solutions’ – too much of what you’re seeing online is bad and in some cases, even life-threatening.

But…one thing’s for sure especially when it comes to anything online – fake is unfortunately the new standard. 

I’ve been a full-time marketer for over 15 years. I’ve sold over 180,000 products/units and just last year alone sold over $1,000,000 of products, predominantly using email. 

Sure, we use other methods like retargeting with Facebook, Google, Twitter – maybe you’re on this page because you clicked one of our ads. 

For the vast majority of people on this page (including you I guess…!),
the first time you heard about Mailermatic was by email.

And while a new “hot, revolutionary breakthrough” hits the online marketing space basically every day now … many are using fake screenshots or fake personas and not actually backed by anything other than hype. 

Maybe you’ve been burned.  Excited by the idea of SOMETHING finally working for you – when the fact is, the products you probably bought in the past – while exciting sounding and supposedly packed full of REAL proof, success stories are nothing more than dust, designed to fail – leaving you hopeful enough to buy the next thing.. then the next thing.  

Until you’re not.. leaving internet marketing behind with a sour taste in your mouth, convinced that either Internet Marketing is a total scam or you, yourself are a total failure and not cut out to be an entrepreneur. 

Honestly, it’s disgusting.

When the hype dies down, those bastards aren’t just stealing your money – if they’ve left you completely disillusioned with the life transforming adventure that online marketing can bring … well, that’s just the ultimate evil…!   They’ve stolen a potential YOU that you never get to bring into reality…! 

Which is why I’m so very passionate
about email marketing.

Sure, it lacks the ‘oooooh, ahhhhh!’ of a shiny new gadget, but it’s REAL

and more importantly, it WORKS…!

*Stats from Statista 2021 Survey

So when people say ‘the money’s in the list’ … they’re not kidding…!

However, there’s a few problems…

The Super Rich Get Richer …

While The Rest Of Us Eat Dirt…

The guys spending $500+ a month on expensive AR’s don’t complain.  They just click a button and make more sales, but getting to that level takes an investment of time and money, precious resources! 

We’re Not Contortionists

Bending Over Backwards For Access

You’ve got a list and you just want to mail it, so why is it so complicated?!?  Instead of letting you mail, you’ve got to jump through hoops, name your first child after them and hand over your security details – then, run the risk of them banning you anyway..>!

Delivery, Opens & Sales

Your Emails Go To Nowhere Land

When you put the work in to write an email, you want people to open it, read it, click and buy! Getting a flood of traffic from emails doesn’t work if your emails land in their spam folders. 

Mailermatic Is Your Easy, Effective Mailing Solution

World Class Automation, Over 90% Open Rates, Easy Upload & Send Simplicity At Your Fingertips

Mailermatic is set up and ready to use the moment you login.

Simply name your list, upload your subscribers (or add via embed) and you’re ready to email unlimited subscribers direct to their primary inbox at the push of a button.

Embed forms, advanced integrations and full branding capabilities

are just the beginning.  Build your lists on your websites, connect to funnel builders or automation tools.  Use your own domain/s for link tracking and set up as many sending identities as you have business/brands.   Again, there are no limits!

Drag & drop automation tools allow you to build a powerful, scalable business.

You can use automations to welcome and onboard new clients, segment subscribers to more targeted lists and send personalised messages, building engagement, personalisation and connection completely automatically.

The time saving software is cloud hosted with SMTP & managed sending, warmed up & ready to deliver more traffic, clicks & sales. NO SPAM and higher deliverability than anything in our marketplace.

Watch This Demo To See Inside Your
Mailermatic Account

No Monthly Fees | No Limitations

InBuilt SMTP, “Alpha-Mesh” Automation & Spam Safe Technology

Launch Only: Unlimited Email/Branding Identities & 25 100 Email Templates

Limitless access to a state of the art email marketing platform allowing you to experience the freedom of a mailer that lets you do what your business needs, effectively with ultimate point/click and drag and drop simplicity 


The Results Speak For Themselves!

Sohaib Mccall

The 100 pre-designed drag and drop email templates the Mailermatic provides is perfect for a newbie like me. Designing professional looking emails has never been easier and this was the best collection I’ve seen, even when compared to the big expensive providers! 

M. Dowling

If only every decision I had to make today was this easy!   I’ve bought many of Cindy’s products and even when a couple of them had issues, her and her team were always there to fix them up.  

All you need to do is follow these
three easy steps:


There’s nothing to install or set up.  It’s ready to use moments after you click the order button on this page



Choose your list name, then import your leads.  No double optin required, our system automatically verifies emails and imports or you


Our drag and drop templates are ready to use, simply edit or create your own, click send and see traffic moments from now!


It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Automated Sales Assistant, Press Media Release Crew & Fully Fledged Marketing Team On Speed Dial

Automate time consuming aspects of your online business

Free yourself from expensive monthly subscriptions

Import your subscribers into your lists

Brand your tracking links to your domain name

Use as many ‘from’ emails as you need, for each of your brands

No setup, installation or ‘warming up’ required

Inbuilt SMTP with unlimited sending credits

(Optional) Easy integration with Amazon SES, Mailjet, SendGrid or ANY SMTP

DFY professional email templates for niches/seasons & more

Use our drag and drop template builder to create & save custom templates

Unrivalled primary inbox delivery with our SPAM trap technology

Automated list management & cleanup system

No limitations for number of lists/brands, subscribers, automations and sends

Mobile optimized professional email templates 

Automation triggers for simple and advanced scalability

Cloud based members dashboard with training & full support 

Advanced analytics, map tracking, clicks, opens and more

One time payment – No monthly fees!

This is perfect for affiliate marketers, eCom store owners, digital product owners, offline marketers, social media marketers … and ANYONE wanting an effective way to tap into the most responsible, cost effective form of traffic on the planet.

No Monthly Fees | No Limitations

InBuilt SMTP, “Alpha-Mesh” Automation & Spam Safe Technology

Launch Only: Unlimited Email/Branding Identities & 25 100 Email Templates

Mailermatic gives you power to dominate any niche, any marketplace & any audience in a snap

You might already have some ideas of where you can use Mailermatic in your business

But let me remind you – with Mailermatic there ARE NO LIMIT

So it can evolve with you and your business. 

Maybe this month, you’re focusing on building a list of foodies who subscribe to your YouTube channel – but the more you create videos, the more excited about actual video marketing becomes.  So you can create a new brand/list and evolve.

What about one year from now?  You will still be able to leverage the list of your foodies channel, your video marketing list … but a year?  Maybe you have your own video marketing product you want to launch! 

With Mailermatic you have the solution, the flexibility and the ability to grow your assets organically and expand in a way that makes sense to you.

And yes, in a year, two/three/five+ years – we’ll still be here.  As I said, I’ve been marketing online for for more than 15 years.  I’m not going anywhere but UP UP UP baby! 

With So Much Flexibility, Is
Mailermatic For You?

Mailermatic is ready for use anytime you need to capture and organise your leads, contact your subscribers and automate your business, freeing up your time to test out new things and expand and grow in new ways.   Wherever you go, Mailermatic is ready for you.

Here are just some of the ways you’re able to incorporate
this software into your business.


Welcome and nurture new subscribers to your lists.  Share your business, your vision & your products with them in a set & forget sequence


Deliver lead magnet gifts, bonuses or products they’ve purchased and have them on your list for future communication 


Once on your list you can share about existing products, new launches & cross sell to boost your profits


Leverage the power of using technology to do less, so you become the boss of your own business – not a slave to time


An automated email sequence or broadcast can be used to get traffic to ANY links.  Social, products, affiliate offers & more


Set and forget sequence can drive traffic to your store, offers and social pages freeing up your time for the things in life that really matter


Give the impression you’re always creating new content, when really… you set up an email sequence a year ago


Owning a list is one of the most valuable assets online.  You’ll be able to grow, without anyone holding you back


Instead of paying monthly fees, you’ll be able to mail more, earning more resulting in a remarkable ROI

Your business is unique and will grow and evolve.  Just look at where you were 6-12 months ago!  

The one thing that will ALWAYS remain true is that whatever reason you’re marketing online, your business will be much more profitable with a reliable, flexible, unlimited email marketing platform. 

So yes, Mailermatic is absolutely for you no matter what your focus is online, right now or in the future.  This is a resource you’ll be glad to have picked up for years to come. 

But Wait!

We’re Not Done Yet!

To make this even more of an easy decision for you, we’re going to include two very special bonuses you can only get from this page, right now during our exclusive launch

Fast Action Bonus #1:

4x Drag & Drop Email Template Boost + TWO New Templates Each Month!

Regular Mailermatic members get access to 25 professionally built drag and drop templates you can use to create highly responsive emails in a snap. 

When you buy today during our exclusive launch period you’ll get automatically upgraded to receive a collection of 100 stunning templates 

PLUS you’ll be welcomed into our Mailermatic template club, where you’ll get two new templates added every single month! We’ll even take member requests, so if you’ve seen something you love and don’t want to build it yourself - share in our Facebook group! We’ll pick two suggestions each month and build them for you.

You’ll get permanently unlocked access for the one time price you see on this page.

Fast Action Bonus #2:

Email Marketing Video Training Series

If you want to explode your results with Mailermatic then you will love this course. It’s an ‘over the shoulder’ series showing you how to boost your subscribe rates, build relationships with your list and get more clicks to your products.

It covers everything, including :

And you’ll get instant downloadable access to the entire series moments after you join to watch at your leisure, but these two bonuses are only available when you purchase from this page during our limited time launch.

Jaydan Parkes

Wildfire Concepts has done it again! An email marketing service, and then I get access to an amazing funnel builder! This is truly an awesome deal that you shouldn’t pass up!

Guilius Simon

Being a non-tech person, Mailermatic is the right fit for me. No complicated set up and configuration required. Once I log in, everything is ready to use, and I am able to import and mail my leads instantly. Easy peasy.

Maleeha Clements

The fact that I can use my own third party SMTP without having to pay extra for upgrades is fantastic.  I’ve been using Amazon SES for the last 12 months, but the drag and drop email setup and automation features here are so much better than what I have been using, so Mailermatic is an instant huge upgrade.

Ivan B.


I love how I can easily add videos, GIF’s, images, Text and everything else I would like to add into the emails. They are also mobile responsive and that is a big thing as I need it for my business.

Herbert Flores

If you’re still not sure if this is for you…?
Try it, make money, THEN decide with our...


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Mailermatic comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, in case you are not happy with the results you get or you feel that the platform does not help you in a way you thought It would – just drop us a message within 30 days of your purchase…and we will refund every penny of it.

But Be QUICK & Get Mailing Fast!

If you’re not emailing your leads, someone else will!

This “Extraordinary” Value-Packed Offer Includes:

Now’s Your Chance To Get In At The Groundfloor!

Secure Your Mailermatic Access Today

Mailermatic Unlimited


25 Professional Email Templates

FREE UPGRADE TO 100 Instantly + 2 Every Month

+ No Send Credit Limitations + FREE Inbuilt SMTP

Don’t Pay $197.00


Reduce the price to $67

Mailermatic Unlimited

No Monthly Fees | No Limitations

Now is the time to take advantage of this wide open chance to access the best technology available in online marketing for a one-time access fee, so sign up now!

To your success,

P.S. I reserve the right to change the price, change the offer or remove this altogether even as soon as today.

If you want a beginner friendly way to a direct path in the most proven way to earn a steady stream of income since the birth of the Internet, email is it - and with Mailermatic you’ll get access to the best! Now is the time to act. This incredible open door won't last. Secure your Mailermatic account today

No Monthly Fees | No Limitations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Honestly Cindy, I Skipped Straight To The Bottom.. What is Mailermatic?

A: Mailermatic is a cloud hosted email service provider platform, that allows you to build unlimited lists of subscribers and contact them with broadcasts or automate sequences using our drag and drop sequence builder for incredible results.

Q: Will this require any further investment and tools?

A: Nope! We hate hidden fees as much as you do… Whatever you pay today is the only investment you need to make this work for you.  To be COMPLETELY transparent however, we do have some optional addon’s that you many of our most successful members try, but what you have with Mailermatic software is complete and perfectly functional in all aspects with nothing else added. 

Q: I’m a newbie at this, can I still use Mailermatic?

A: Some of our clients are also newbies. If they can do it, so can you. While you might be starting out with a small list remember, even the biggest marketers started out where you are too.  You’ll just get the headstart by having the most cost effective, results oriented way to build your business.  We’ll even teach you some clever strategies to grow your lists beyond what you ever dreamed imaginable!

Q: How does the domain and email branding work?

A: We’ve tried to streamline your emailing experience as much as possible, so when you login you can use our platform, but tracking links and email ‘from’ branding will be from Mailermatic to begin with.  If you’d like to use your own branding you’ll need to connect your own domain following our step by step guide.  Our guides cover all of the major registrars and if you run into any issues our team is ready to guide you. 

Q:Are There Any Monthly Rebill/Subscription Fees?

A:Nope! You pay ONCE and use Mailermatic forever – No monthly fees at all!

Q: Does this integrate with x program?

A: We have several integration partners already like FunnelMates & QuizTarget, allowing you to connect to their service and have leads automatically pushed into your chosen Mailermatic list.   If there’s a funnel builder, or other service that captures leads that you’d like to connect with via API our developer docs are available and ready to implement with any platform.  Our development team are happy to help too, so in short – yes, we can integrate with your service – our fully functional API is at the ready

Q:What devices does this work on?

A:Mailermatic is a cloud-based system, so it works on every device out there. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go!

Q:Will Mailermatic work with the Fitness niche? Or with my Mom & Pop store?

A:YES! Mailermatic is fully equipped to be as flexible as you want it to be.  In fact, since your account lets you create unlimited lists and branding identities you could have a fitness list, a list for your affiliate marketers, a list for your aunt’s hairdressing salon and more all in this one account at no extra cost.

Q: I’m a busy person, do I need a lot of time to work this out?

A: We are busy people too, which is why we’ve created everything to be intuitive, with guides where you might need them and easy to follow videos if you want to see exactly what goes where to get you started.  To give you some context, it takes our average member approximately 10 minutes to login, watch the welcome video, create a list, import their leads and be ready to email.    Sometimes more than 10 minutes, but often less. 

Q: Are there REALLY no restrictions?

A: You’ll be able to upload and email unlimited subscribers an unlimited number of times – however, it’s up to you to do your due diligence.  We have an integrated list cleaning system and regular automated list cleaning processes – to keep delivery rates rock solid.  

To keep the platform running smoothly, you can still upload unlimited subscribers, but they’ll need to initially be limited to a maximum of 1,000 subscribers per upload.  We may change the amount per upload after launch, once we’re past the initial launch influx.  

Also, please note, as an email delivery service there are of course laws to consider, so the leads you upload must comply with your country’s anti-spam laws, meaning you can’t send email if the recipient has not provided verifiable permission for the message to be sent. (i.e. they gave you permission at some stage to contact them).  Your Mailermatic account has inbuilt SPAM proofing, GDPR and list cleaning – it is your responsibility to be aware of your country’s laws to ensure the best experience with Mailermatic.

No Monthly Fees | No Limitations

InBuilt SMTP, “Alpha-Mesh” Automation & Spam Safe Technology

Launch Only: Unlimited Email/Branding Identities & 25 100 Email Templates

This website in no way is affiliated with FaceBook or any FaceBook entities. Once you leave FaceBook the responsibility no longer is on their site. We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.